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Trailhead Review: Apex Specialist Superbadge

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This article is about my first Trailhead Super Badge, the Apex Specialist.

Challenge 1
Challenge 1 requires a fair amount of declarative admin work to get the objects and components in place to allow you to test in the UI (you could probably write the code without it but it’s important to test in the UI and in code).

Because Trailhead playgrounds use the base Developer Edition architecture, there are also all the usual custom fields and data, so it’s helpful to be familiar with that so that you can easily distinguish the components added by the managed package and those that are in every DE org (like SLAViolation__c).

I predict that the creation of Products in the unit tests could be annoying if it involves adding them to an active Price Book :/

The instructions are appropriately vague, like real-world requirements, and do require you to read them closely to understand the goals of the challenge. I’ll confess that I don’t usually perform Test-Driven Development, but for this Superbadge, I am doing that because it’s way easier to test bulkification with unit tests.

One aspect that I didn’t expect was that I could complete this challenge without implementing everything specified in the Business Requirements for Automate Maintenance Requests. I had intended to include all of those requirements to be thorough and ensure that I passed on the first attempt but for the benefit of you the Reader, I thought I’d see what happens if I checked the challenge before completing everything. I won’t say what I left out because I think that part of the learning process is how to read and execute requirements. And I assume it will be checked in a later challenge…I’ll let you know.

Time so far: 2 hours

Challenge 2
Challenge 2 jumps into callouts, nothing very difficult since the external service is already set up for you, so you just have to retrieve the data and get it added into your Trailhead playground. It requires some of the lessons learned in the Apex Integration Services module to complete.

And I was still able to pass the challenge without completing all the Business Requirements for Automate Maintenance Requests.

Time to complete: 1 hour

Challenge 3
Challenge 3 is the simplest of the challenges so far, although I tried to make it more difficult expecting that I had to complete the requirement entirely in code rather than utilizing some declarative configuration.

Still no check on all the requirements in Automate Maintenance Requests. Maybe they’ll come up in the unit tests.

Time to complete: 30 minutes

Challenge 4
This is the start of the unit test challenges and despite the instructions to create positive and negative tests, the check appears to only care about 100% coverage which I had achieved during my test-driven development in Challenge 1 without negative tests. I did bulkify my original tests because I always do but I wonder if it even checks for that.

It never did check to see whether I completed all the Business Requirements in Automate Maintenance Requests.

Time to complete: 0 minutes (because I built the unit tests during Challenge 1).

Written by Always Thinkin

December 29, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Posted in Apex, Trailhead

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